How important

are acoustics in 

building design?

When it comes to interior design and occupant comfort, your focus may be on visuals, air quality and ergonomics. But what about acoustics? The amount of sound that moves through a space can make a drastic difference in overall experience, and optimizing for acoustic performance can help reduce noise while meeting building requirements. 

This Acoustics eBook will inform you about the importance of acoustic construction and offer a comprehensive look at how treatment solutions are driven by building codes and design standards. 

What's Inside

This eBook discusses the role acoustics play in a variety of different building codes and design standards. Some of the specific topics include:

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  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings
  • How acoustics can help with LEED v4 certification
  • Understanding ASHRAE & ICO standards
  • Classroom acoustic guidelines
  • The role of doors and openings in acoustic specifications

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