Door opening solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Each healthcare environment is unique and requires a solutions-based mindset to integrate patient and staff safety and well-being with acoustics, energy efficiency, access control, security and asset protection as well as codes and compliance requirements. From the perimeter of the facility to the interior, each door opening requires careful consideration of its functions and use and needs to be assessed for purpose, patient and staff safety, ease of use, access restrictions and even speed.

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Products and Services for Healthcare Factilities

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ASSA ABLOY’s curb to core solutions provide a facility-wide approach to help ensure the highest level of safety to keep your building, patients, staff, and visitors safe from the inside out. That’s why ASSA ABLOY offers complete opening solutions for healthcare facilities, including:

  • Controlling entry and exit at the perimeter
  • Optimizing the building envelope
  • Designing for the physical environment to aid healing
  • Embracing energy efficiency
  • Protecting pharmaceuticals, equipment devices and data
  • Wayfinding for patients, staff and visitors
  • Specialized Solutions for rooms, labs and nurses stations
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Access control and door security is crucial in all healthcare facilities, and creating a safer environment starts at the perimeter. Learn more about the products and services we offer for securing your facility from curb to core.

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